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On the Business A Level course students learn to design market research and create a marketing strategy tailored to ensure a product is successful in its market segment.  Improving manufacturing using a variety of production methods,  Japanese ‘kaizen’ and the recognised quality standards is also covered.  In terms of HR, students find out how to recruit, inspire and lead employees using techniques based on psychological theory, such as Herzberg’s two factor theory .  They also find out what makes an effective team, according to Belbin.  

The financial performance of a business is analysed, using key financial ratios and investment appraisal techniques are used to decide between capital projects.  

Lessons involve lively discussions focused on businesses and products which are in the news.  Everyday calculations, such as percentage change, are used to support arguments in essays.

Business students often go on to study for degrees in Business Management, Finance and Accounting and Engineering, sometimes specialising in Marketing or Human Resources, or combining Business with a language.