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Key facts and FAQs

The School has capacity for up to 500 pupils.  We have two Reception Classes and then children progress into the Infant Department, which comprises classes across Years 1 and 2.  From Year 3 to Year 6 there are two forms per year group. Following the announced expansion of the School, there are now three forms in Year 7.  The Sixth Form is divided into five tutor groups which are made up of mixed Year 12/13 groups, providing close academic monitoring, careers advice and excellent pastoral care. The Preparatory School is co-educational and boys have now been admitted in to the Senior School in Years 7 and 12 from September 2010, meaning that the Senior School is now fully co-educational.

In addition, there is a superb Nursery, with capacity for 56 children, which caters for children from 6 weeks to four years.  It is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm each day, throughout the year.  Nursery children usually progress into the Preparatory School.  The Nursery Managers closely monitor the development of pre-school children and work with the Head of Preparatory to ensure a smooth transition, including spending a morning during the year preceding entry with the current Reception Class to familiarise themselves with the environment.


Q. Why should I pay for my child to be educated when there are good state schools around which are free?

A.  Parents choose to invest in an education at The Peterborough School for a number of reasons:

  • Set sizes are small here so our teachers know every pupil very well indeed.  We look after them so that they learn as well as they possibly can and they are happy.  This attention, from the first days right up to Sixth Form, mean that pupils have an added advantage:  their teachers are watching them sensitively and assessing them frequently.
  • We have a reputation as a small and friendly school where everyone knows everyone else.  We teach and treasure traditional values of kindness and courtesy.  There are no crowds to get lost in and any unpleasantness is picked up immediately and sorted out.
  • The Peterborough School has a wide programme of extra curricular activities.  This means that children develop their characters beyond just the academic.  Sport is played seriously and to a very high standard.  The Arts are hugely important to us:  unlike in larger schools, you don't have to wait until you're older to perform in productions.  From the beginning, our children are encouraged to sing in choirs, play in ensembles, act in shows, speak in public and be in a range of sports teams.
  • A highly academic child should get good academic results in any school.  What The Peterborough School children gain is an 'edge' when it comes to competing and mixing with others from all walks of life.  The experiences that children have give them a combination of poise and self-confidence.  They become articulate and responsible young people with excellent interpersonal skills.

In short, what you are buying for your child at The Peterborough School is advantage, both in terms of academic opportunities and the development of their personality and integrity.

Q. How do you set about getting a place?

 A.  All children firstly need to be registered with the School.  Registration is by completion and return of the Application Form, which is contained, along with the terms and conditions, in the annually updated Further Information brochure, together with the registration fee.  Parents will then be informed as to the next steps regarding assessment for entry.

Q. If I decide I would like my child to go to The Peterborough School, are there tests or examinations?

A.  Following registration, all children are assessed for entry.  There are different assessments, depending on age:

  • To apply for a Nursery place, an Application Form must be completed, stating the preferred starting date and the number of sessions requested per week, together with the administration fee. A letter is then sent confirming when a place will be available. Where applications exceed the number of places available, a waiting list is created for each Room.  Parents are contacted as soon as a place becomes available and arrangements are made for a date when the child can start at the Nursery.
  • Suitability for admission to the Preparatory School is decided by the Head of Preparatory , in consultation with appropriate Form Tutors.  Children will spend a day with their peers, during which time their suitability for entry is assessed.  Children applying for entry who are currently in Years 4, 5 or 6 are also asked to sit tests in order to ensure their academic ability will allow them to flourish in the Senior School and the Head of Preparatory will usually ask to view the latest school report from their current school.  Parents are informed as soon as possible of their children’s performance, usually on the day of assessment.
  • Candidates for entry in to Year 7 sit Entrance Examination papers in English, Mathematics and Reasoning in the January prior to proposed entry the following September.  There is no formal interview but activities which afford opportunities to work in teams take place on the afternoon of the examinations, when judgements can be made as to whether boys or girls would benefit from an education at The Peterborough School.  A reference from the applicant’s current school is also requested prior to the Examinations.
  • Applicants to join the School in Years 8-11 are assessed by scrutiny of their two most recent school reports and references from their current schools.  Upon registration, applicants are invited in to School to sit Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs) at a mutually convenient time.
  • Our offer of places in to Year 12 is conditional upon a candidate achieving a minimum of five GCSEs at grade B or better, ideally with A grades in the subjects proposed for study at AS and A2 and a successful interview with the Headmaster.  References are also requested from candidates’ current schools.
Q. I'd like to send my child to The Peterborough School but cannot afford the fees. Is there any help available?

The School is a charity for educational purposes and we encourage applications from children from all backgrounds.  In addition to the competitive scholarships, we have a means-tested bursary scheme which enables us to award financial assistance to Senior boys or girls who deserve an education at The Peterborough School.  No financial assistance is available to children in the Preparatory School, except in extremely extenuating circumstances.