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The Annual Reunion

Each year there is a Reunion for all Westwoodians and their families and friends. The next Reunion will take place on Saturday 1st July 2017 at 2.00pmThe Class of 2012 will be our special guests. 



The Reunion will include tours of the School, which for those who have not visited the School for some time offers the chance to see the many and varied changes that have taken place over the years, including our first class Sports Facility, our new classrooms located in the converted Boarding House and the new Senior School recreation area and garden.

To help us organise the Reunion, please let us know if you wish to attend by contacting  

2016 Reunion – held on Saturday 2nd July 2016

Last year's Reunion took place on Saturday 2nd July on a lovely sunny afternoon.  As has become a recent tradition, the afternoon began with a game of Rounders between The Peterborough School Staff/Students and Westwoodians with a very close match (just) won by the Westwoodians' team.  Pimms, tasty sandwiches and delicious cakes and scones, prepared by Zana Clark and Liz Darley were served in the Refectory.  After lots of opportunities to catch up with old friends, the afternoon finished with a raffle and laughter-filled tours of the School.

It was a pleasure to welcome so many groups organised by former pupils to the Reunion:

  • Class of 2011
  • Class of 1955 - organised by Diana Turnbull (Wood)
  • Class of 1976 - organised by Philippa Gasson (Halford) and Carol Crook (Rushford)
  • Class of 1986 - organised by Ann Saunders (Mair)
  • Pupils who joined Westwood House School in 1966 (50 years ago) - organised by Adrienne Purnell (Balshaw)

During the day I overhead many fond memories between classmates of fun and mischief that were had at school; the day always seems to provide a welcome chance for former staff and pupils to reminisce about happy days spent at The Peterborough School, of course formerly known as Westwood House and Peterborough High School.

By Hannah Darby (1992-2005)

Some of the memories of Reunion guests...

Gwen Castle (Canham) (1952)

  • Stringing blackcurrants under the monkey puzzle while Mrs Belgion read to us
  • Good friends
  • Miss Davidson

Jenny Gosling (Dick) (1952)

  • Being captain of Beech House
  • The lovely friends I made
  • Miss Davidson

Jennifer Cunnington (Beckworth) (1953)

  • Camaraderie of form mates
  • A lot of laughter
  • Being badly behaved
  • English lessons
  • Assembly with Mrs Belgion
  • Miss Pamela Lewis who taught English

Jane Lawson (Read) (1953)

  • The Kings’ School boys
  • Messing up our fireworks night
  • We were not allowed contact with boys!
  • Miss Khee

Eileen McEwan (D’Arcy) (1955)

  • Sitting under the monkey puzzle tree
  • Feeding the silkworms
  • Hated school dinners!
  • Doing Art
  • Miss Jean Lewis

Diana Turnbull (Dinny Wood) (1955)

  • Playing in the woods
  • Making houses in the spinney
  • The Swing!!
  • Shredding blackcurrants on the side lawn
  • Miss Brophy

Angela Fisher (Casson) (1960)

  • All games lessons
  • Midnight feasts
  • Miss Wigner

Jane Bowgen (Billitt) (1961)

  • Walking/Climbing in Snowdonia with Mrs Belgion & school mountaineering society.
  • Carol concerts in St Johns Church
  • Close friendships made in boarding house
  • Outdoor swimming pool in summer
  • Learning with excellent teachers
  • Mrs Goode & Mrs Robb

Elizabeth Hall (Turner) (1961)

  • Hobbies Day
  • Miss Bowers

Susan Caudwell (Hurley) (1968)

  • Tennis coaching
  • Walking to the cathedral on Sundays!
  • Miss Bowers (English)
  • Miss Pitman (History)

Rona Mullenger (Hendry) (1968)

  • Cookery
  • Needlework with Mrs Selves
  • History with Miss Pitman

Adrienne Purnell (Balshaw) (1971)

  • Midnight feasts
  • Trips to London
  • School cruise to Holy lands
  • Mrs Bradley & Miss Jackson

Mary Edmunds Otter (Edmunds) (1973)

  • Extra-curricular activities eg. mountaineering club, judo and swimming
  • Miss Pitman (for entertainment)
  • Mrs Bradley (for long stories)
  • Miss Whitsed (for teaching)

Sally Farrow (Eades) (1973)

  • Sports Day! No work!
  • Mrs Jackson (English)

Judy Feaver (Eades) (1973)

  • Sports days with iced buns
  • Mrs Jackson (English)

Christian Menzies-Wilson (Catto) (1973)

  • Statue hunting in London with Miss Pitman!
  • Miss Pitman

Gillian Palgrave (Howick) (1973)

  • School cruises – visiting Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem
  • Mrs Robb (Geography)

Anne Peel (Hurn) (1973)

  • Wonderful grounds to play in
  • Mrs Smelt

Carole Wakefield (Muxlow) (1973)

  • Midnight feast
  • School trips – school cruise
  • Miss Susan Whitsead

Margaret Rees (Hurley) (1974)

  • Playing hockey
  • Dorm raids
  • Great friends (I was a border)
  • Mrs Riley (French)
  • Mrs Jackson (English)
  • Mrs Rily (She was like a mum to me!)

Elinor Thompson (1976)

  • Iced buns and orange juice after Sports days
  • Hiking in the Peak District
  • Playing in the woods – magic circle, making dens
  • Mrs Riley, Mrs Jackson & Mr Thomas

Lucy Brown (Boyle) (1976)

  • Mrs Jackson and Mrs Bradley

Carol Crook (Rushford) (1976)

  • Playing ‘dens’ in the woods
  • Iced buns after Sports day
  • Fell walking with Mrs Bradley (Biology)
  • Mrs Jackson (English)
  • Mrs Reily (French)
  • Mrs Foster (PE)
  • Miss Leicester (Junior School)

Philippa Gasson (Halford) (1976)

  • Mrs Jackson

Rebecca Louwerse (Jeffreys) (1976)

  • Iced buns on Sports Day under the monkey puzzle tree
  • Chocolate crunch
  • Running in the corridor!
  • Mrs Foster

Sara Thompson (1979)

  • Making dens
  • Iced buns and orange squash
  • Christmas choir concerts in the Hall
  • Mrs Bolton, Mrs Reynolds (Wilkinson) & Mr Thomas

Emma King (Band) (1986)

  • Hockey and Netball
  • Home Economics
  • School dinners were fab!
  • Skiing trip in 1985
  • Mrs Moseley & Mrs Beresford

Fiona Martin (Knights) (1986)

  • My friends
  • Hockey
  • Some of the teachers
  • Skiing Trip
  • Mrs Willey & Mrs Boulton

Ann Saunders (Mair) (1986)

  • Hockey – winning the U16 Schools Cup
  • School dinners – hot chocolate sauce and ice cream
  • Cookery with Miss Facey
  • Skiing trip – especially 1985
  • Mrs Bradley & Mrs Axe